Independent Cleaner

Your independent cleaner may only service a select few homes or areas, therefore they may become familiar with your preferences and know your home. They tend to have the ability to cater their service to any personalized or specific request you may have.

Franchised Cleaning Companies

Large chain companies have a lot to train in little time. With their staff constantly turning over, there tends to be a wide range in the quality that is delivered from home to home. Quality really varies on how the company trains, retains staff, and assures their clients are satisfied.

Paragon Cleaning

With our assigned solo cleaner scheduling, you are partnered with the same cleaner for your visits. Since we started as a “One Cleaner” operation, we know how important that is to our clients. As a smaller company with low staff turn over, we are able to offer the familiar face that brings comfort on majority of our visits. We have structured, in-depth training to ensure efficiency and consistency with our cleanings. Our ever-evolving work orders for our clients’ homes and offices have specific notes to describe your preferences to ensure each visit is completed with the same expertise. We also have the ability to offer routine quality assurance checks to identify any areas we may need to address with our staff.