About Us


Nicole Wheeler, President

“I started Paragon Cleaning LLC because cleaning has always been something I am very passionate about, and acts of service happens to be one of my love languages.”

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I have cleaned for other companies in the past; it was stressful and provided very little to live on. I had contemplated starting my own business, but I was young and too scared to take that leap of faith. I left the cleaning industry and accepted a position as an assistant manager in a mechanic shop. While working there, I met a few people who made the biggest impact in my life. My managers poured into me daily and showed me that it was possible to build a healthy culture in the workplace. They believed in me and encouraged me to follow my dreams. 

As I worked at the auto shop one day, a very unique gentleman came in. His truck had “no matter what, trust God” magnets all over it. While giving me his information, he abruptly stopped and asked if I cleaned houses. I was taken aback because I had never seen this man before. He followed that up by saying, “God just told me to tell you to never stop cleaning houses.” This was a major turning point in my life. Not only did this man reinforce what I had been contemplating for years, but he renewed my faith that God would send the most unlikely individuals to speak into my life when I needed them the most.

While cleaning is something I am extremely passionate about, I am just as passionate about pouring into my staff in the same way my managers poured into me. My heart is to provide for my staff financially and create a healthy environment that makes my staff want to come to work.

It is truly an honor to be able to work along side of these amazing people and grow TOGETHER. They are my teammates. Without them, I’m just Nicole, not Paragon Cleaning.