Office / Small Commercial Cleaning

Office Cleaning

You and your staff deserve to give your undivided attention to your day-to-day business. Your time and energy are best spent focusing on the tasks that help your business grow and multiply.

You handle the daily work, and allow us to handle the dirty work!

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Office / Small Commercial Cleaning

Break rooms, conference rooms, office kitchens, and bathrooms…

Who is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of these areas?

Your staff cleans up after themself when they eat lunch, but who keeps the cobwebs at bay, vacuums and mops all of the floors, or scrubs the community toilet?

When you hire Paragon Cleaning for your office cleaning, you can rest assured that your work space is cleaned well and safe for both clients and employees.

When we clean your office, our primary objective is to remove dust, sanitize restrooms, remove trash, and vacuum/mop all floors.