Add-On Services

Add On Services

At Paragon Cleaning, we offer top quality home cleaning services at competitive rates. We are able to do this by creating a service plan on a home-by-home basis. Your service plan will only charge you for the services your home needs. With our thorough series of questions, we guarantee we will be able to create the perfect cleaning plan for your home, and save you money on services your home does not require.

Oven Cleaning

This service is commonly added to our Move Out Cleanings and our Top-To-Bottom Deep Cleanings.

Did your lasagna spill over last week and now your smoke detector goes off every time you cook? No worries, just give us a call to request an oven cleaning on your next routine maintenance cleaning.

Refrigerator Cleaning

This service is commonly added to our Move Out Cleanings and our Top-To-Bottom Deep Cleanings.

In a vacant home we completely take the fridge and freezer shelving out to clean and disinfect all interior surfaces.

In our residential cleanings we clean the fridge only and request there are minimal items inside and/or the food is bagged to make removing/replacing items a smooth transition.

Tidy Package

Most common with our busy on-the-go households with children.

No time to prep for the cleaners? No worries, this package was created just for you. It includes a “put together” of the home to clear the surfaces prior to cleaning. This looks different for each home but examples include: putting shoes away, gathering toys into the toy box, placing laundry into baskets, moving toys out of the living room, etc. If the home requires more than 30 minutes of prepping for the cleaning this package is a great addition to your Routine Maintenance Cleaning or Top To Bottom Deep Clean.

Bedding Changes

Our most common add on service with our residential cleanings. Complete you home cleaning with a fresh and clean bed.

We request clean linens be out and visible in the room where this service is requested. We neatly gather the dirty linens and place them in the laundry room for you.

Dish Washing

This service price varies by time required/amount of dishes. Unless pre-requested Paragon will not include this service. Once pre-authorized we will make note and charge for the time required to complete on each visit.

Take a break form your chores and let us handle the dirty work!

Window Cleaning

This service is commonly added to our move out cleanings and our Top-To-Bottom Deep Cleanings.

We offer two types of window cleaning:

  • Interior Windows Only – only the inside glass panels are included

  • Full Window Detail – Interior glass/Exterior glass and window tracks are included

*For residential window cleaning all windows must be accessible for cleaning. Furniture over 30 lbs must be moved prior to our arrival. 

*For Full Window Detail please leave enough clearance in front of each window for us to tilt the windows inwards

*Full window detail can only be completed on glass windows that tilt inwards. 

Heavy Duty Door & Trim Washing

This is a great add on for homes with high traffic or if you plan to paint. We highly recommend including this to help brighten the home. This package allows for additional time to thoroughly hand wash and clean the doors and trim of the home.

*Unable to clean surfaces with flat paint. Unable to wash walls due to the liability of damaging drywall or stripping the paint.

*We will hand wash all doors and trim that are accessible. Please note, our team is unable to move or lift heavy furniture over 30lbs. Should a client wish to move any furniture, it must be completed prior to our arrival and can be replaced once the cleaning has been completed. This is for the safety of our team and to eliminate interruption in the cleaning routine. 

Garage Cleaning

This service is commonly added to our move out cleanings.

This includes dusting any cobwebs off of the walls and sweeping out debris.

*If there is shelving or cabinets that need to be included please communicate this prior so your work order is accurate.

*Oil stains and other spillage not included. We recommend hiring a company to pressure wash those areas.