Move In/Out Cleaning

Move Out Cleaning Service

Each home is different and may require a different level of cleaning for a Move Out Cleaning, Move In Cleaning, or Market Ready Cleaning.

We create a service plan on a home-by-home basis catered directly at the needs of your home. First we assess the level of cleaning required for the general areas and then we factor in our select services.

If you are listing your home on the market while residing in it, we recommend a Top-To-Bottom Deep Clean.

​General Areas:

  • Hand wiping all fan blades *
  • Hand wiping all light fixtures (hand washed in place, not moved) *
  • Dust HVAC intake vents
  • Changing customer supplied HVAC air filters if required, just leave them out for us and we will do the rest. *
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Moldings hand washed
  • Dust all closet shelving
  • Clean thermostat
  • Dusting and hand wiping horizontal surfaces
  • Dry dust blinds***
  • Hand washing or wiping window sills and lock ledges
  • Clean glass doors and vacuuming tracks (if applicable)
  • Hand cleaning light switches plates
  • Dusting and/or vacuuming baseboards
  • All doors dusted and/or hand washed
  • Vacuuming all floors with our commercial grade 4x HEPA filtered vacuum
  • Mopping all hard floors


  • Thorough clean of stove top and/or drip pans & remove knobs to clean
  • Lift and clean under stove range (where applicable)
  • Clean hood vent and remove grease
  • Exhaust filters degreased
  • Clean microwave inside/out
  • Clean exterior of all appliances (if stainless will shine with top of the line product)
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect countertops
  • Top to bottom cleaning of backsplash
  • All cabinets cleaned inside/out
  • All drawers cleaned inside/out
  • Clean and disinfect sink
  • Top of refrigerator cleaned
  • & any items applicable in General Cleaning


  • Dusting exhaust fan
  • Thoroughly cleaning bathtub and shower walls
  • Clean shower head and treat and mold/mildew areas
  • Clean shower doors inside/out
  • Cleaning toilet inside/out/behind/underneath

  • Clean bathroom sink
  • Clean cabinets, drawers, and medicine cabinets inside/out.
  • Clean mirror
  • Clean bathroom floors and baseboards by hand
  • & any items applicable in General Cleaning

Utility Area/Laundry room (excluded if located in garage or basement)

  • Dust exterior of washer/dryer
  • Dust walls (dryer = dust!)
  • Clean any cabinets inside/out
  • Sweep along washer/dryer to remove any debris
  • & any items applicable in General Cleaning

*We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. Higher items will only be dusted with an extension duster. 

***We can not guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning. Excessive buildup may alter the results.

​It is presumed that the home will be empty and all areas will be accessible to facilitate cleaning the areas listed above. Utilities must be connected in order for these services to be completed. Oven Cleaning, Refrigerator Cleaning, Window Cleaning, and/or Garage Cleaning are considered Add On’s and are available at an additional fee. We understand that these specific items may not be required for every home so we exclude them from pricing unless requested. 

To learn more about our Add Ons click here