Residential Cleaning

Routine Maintenance Cleanings

Paragon Cleaning LLC is committed to consistently deliver high quality cleaning service’s with attention to detail. When inviting a company into your home there are a lot of things to consider. We recommend reading about what sets us apart here: Why Paragon Cleaning?

We believe a positive experience starts from within, and this is why we honor our staff and we embrace a culture that builds unity and community. Our staff is thoroughly trained to properly care for your home and they are passionate about presenting our clients with the priceless gifts of time and peace of mind.

You can start your recurring cleaning schedule with a Top To Bottom Deep Clean or a General Cleaning.


Recurring Maintenance Cleaning Checklist

Recurring Checklist 2 pdf
Recurring Checklist 2 dragged pdf
Recurring Checklist 2 dragged 2 pdf

It is presumed that the home will be tidied and areas will be accessible to facilitate cleaning the areas listed above. Dishes, bedding changes, tidying and Heavy Duty Door & Trim Washing are considered  Add On’s and are available at an additional fee. We understand that these specific items may not be required for every home so we exclude them from pricing unless requested. 

To learn more about our Add Ons Click Here