Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Each construction job is unique, but the dust hides in all of the same places. With our thorough cleaning process we completely vacuum and hand wipe all cabinets, clean the bathrooms top to bottom, wipe every inch of the home, and we are prepared to vacuum and mop several times if needed. From total builds to additions/remodels, we’re prepared to clean a whole home or select areas.

Window Detailing / Post Construction

Once the property has its COI the stickers should be ready to come off of the windows. We are prepared to clean the windows inside/out.

*Must be reachable with two step ladder and pop inwards. Windows out of reach may be subcontracted out. 

Floor Vents

Accidentally get a bunch of dust in the floor vents during your construction job? No problem, we can shop vac all of the vents out to prevent all of the dust from covering the home after cleaning is completed.

*For severe dust in the HVAC we recommend having a professional clean all of the ducts. 


We pride ourselves in our product/surface knowledge and understand a new home needs very little chemical product. With our expertise and experience in these cleanings we are prepared to completely clean your post construction without leaving chemical build ups and potentially damaging the surfaces using unnecessary products.