Independent Cleaner

Independent solo cleaners may have 1-30+ years of cleaning experience. Most truly enjoy cleaning. However, due to the fact most are self taught, they may lack the knowledge or training necessary for products, surfaces, and cleaning techniques. Often times independent cleaners are the ones sharing “Cleaning Hacks” online that may or may not be safe for your home or office.

Franchised Cleaning Companies

Large chain companies tend to use a limited number of products that are safe and universal to ensure your home does not get damaged. Depending one company you choose, they may have in-depth training videos for their team. Due to the liability of operating a larger scale company, they tend to have limitations on the services they offer. Most of these companies offer basic cleanings that do not include window glass or the ability to clean anything out of reach, or they may consider mopping to be an add-on service (not joking). We recommend asking specific questions to ensure you are signing up for the cleaning service that is right for you.

Paragon Cleaning

We follow the science behind cleaning and use safer (and more effective) chemicals and equipment. We pride ourselves on “surface knowledge” and only use the recommended products for each task. We firmly believe in continuing our education and staying up to date with the most effective ways to care for your home or office. With our extensive training and certifications, we are able to offer peace of mind that your home or office is being cleaned by professionals who are guided until we are confident that they are ready for solo cleaning.