Independent Cleaner

Independent cleaners should, at minimum, have liability insurance, but most do not. Many also do not have Workmans Comp insurance. This means if something is damaged or your cleaner is injured on your property, you are liable. If your cleaner does not file their taxes properly, the IRS could determine that they are your employee. This means you will have to fulfill the legal obligations of an employer.

Franchised Cleaning Companies

Large chain companies have you covered with all of the legal hassle, insurance, and security you may need to protect you and your home.

Paragon Cleaning

Paragon Cleaning has you covered with Liability, Workmans Comp, and Bonding insurance. We also have very specific training to teach our team how to properly care for your home.  We do not penalize our team if an accident happens. We encourage honesty and transparency from our team. You can rest assured that if at fault for an accident in your home or office, Paragon’s team will do the right thing. Our open communication and grace with our team allows us to offer the security of peace of mind and ethical service.