Independent Cleaner

Knowing who is in your home invites both peace of mind and a sense of comfortability. To make this decision wisely, we suggest you interview your options, ask for referrals, run background checks, and establish a trial run.

Franchised Cleaning Companies

Most large chain companies are known for paying their staff below a livable wage. This invites high employee turn over and many different cleaners into your home. It is common for these companies to have a 3-6 month turn over in staff.

Paragon Cleaning

We assign each client to one cleaning technician so our clients are able to build a relationship with their cleaner and know who is in their home or office. Initial cleanings and larger homes may require a team of cleaners, but we are dedicated to keeping you with a familiar face to the best of our ability.  

We also embrace a work culture that evokes unity and community. With our diligent hiring processes, thorough screening, and background checks, we are able to ensure we only bring the best candidates to our team to service our clients. Not only do we have the best teammates, but we encourage and build together. We believe a successful company starts from within. Our cleaning technicians are trained for success, paid livable wages, offered bonuses, incentivized with character growth perks, and are offered credit building education. Having a positive staff that is fully supported personally and professionally has proven to add value to our services.