Independent Cleaner

Independent cleaners tend to have very little overhead and offer cleaning for lower rates. If price is your top priority, this may be the choice for you. We recommend evaluating the trade offs and asking the right questions when on your search for home cleaning or office cleaning. Here are the IRS guidelines for household employees.

Franchised Cleaning Companies

Large chain companies employ a larger staff to manage the day-to-day operations, and usually offer company vehicles. It is common for them to have high overhead cost, low pay for staff, and high employee turnover. However, when it comes to the liability of risk at any level, any corporate cleaning company should have you covered.

Paragon Cleaning

Our prices, policies, and procedures are ethical and competitive in the market we serve. We are not your average company, so you will not receive average service. We are confident that our prices are fair for the services and commitment we offer. We also pride ourselves in offering our staff well above average pay and ongoing extensive training, so you can rest assured that only the best and most qualified cleaning technicians are on our team. Our prices are structured so that we can continue to operate legally and protect our clients from risk. With Paragon, you are supporting a local small business with an active owner who is committed to providing excellence to our clients and our staff. We are more than just a cleaning company, we are a team that CARES!