Independent Cleaner

Independent solo cleaners may not have the ability to answer or respond to your request in a timely manner. Between balancing their work and personal life, you may be at the mercy of when they are able to respond. There’s no denying that when Paragon worked independently, a lot of our clients ended up frustrated with the poor communication and response times.

Franchised Cleaning Companies

Large chain companies tend to be very responsive and can answer any questions or comments you have when you call. Depending on the company you choose, you may be speaking with a receptionist or a call center. Either way, they are very flexible and generally able to communicate well.

Paragon Cleaning

One of our main goals as Paragon grows is to constantly improve communication. Communication is a HUGE priority for us! For both employees and clients, we have many systems in place to ensure our communication is timely and effective. We offer appointment reminders through text and email, as well as text notifications when we are on our way and when your cleaning is finished. Throughout the whole process our clients are informed. We also have a Client Portal that allows our clients to access all of their information and update their preferences at any time they choose (Available Feb 2023).